Fashion Forecast: #Spring severe delays

I am so excited to share first proper winter look from my beloved wintery and snowy London. I know, I know in the beginning of March all we can think about is warm and sunny days. Until that moment let's enjoy the snow even for a few more days.

If you're  following me on Instagram you already may know that my girl Rola Hammoud is in a town. Our friendships in one the most precious things that I own and I am so happy to share this beautiful moments with her.  Rola and I live, breathe and love fashion. More about our friendship soon in TWO very special post.  Until then if you're in London or UK enjoy the snow and these extra few days at home. It won't last forever. Spring is on her way I promise you !

                     Special thank you to my girl  Rola Hammoud who took these photos in -3 ( feeling it like -30)!