With so many lovely ladies aka blogger posting out there on a daily basis I would like to create a storytelling that reflects both on fashion history and at the same time to inspire the future.  Today's look lies down on the history of timeless polka dot trend and present. This blog post is more rather artistic rather than fashion one.

Polka dot its a print with nearly 100 histories behind. The print becomes popular in  1926 when at that time Miss America was photographed wearing polka dots swimsuits ( Chloe Pantazi, 2013) . Since then dots are one of the most popular timeless trends and I personally love it.  I love how versatile the print it's itself.  With the heatwave hitting the UK I would like to share the modern version of wearing something so timeless in one unpredictable styling combination aka bikini top. 


Actual pieces: Zara skirt | Topshop bikini top