At the end of January I think the most common phrase we exchange between each other is still 'don't forget to take your jacket'.  Ah yes, the spring it's a bit too far yet I believe. But rather than to concentrate on the fact that a rainy and gloomy days are still on full swing why not look from the positive side?!  This is the right time to wear a fancy tights, add an extra layer and make the most of trends right now. So obviously a jacket is required. 

I have had this faux fur coat for a bit long.  I thought that the season it's almost over and I were planning to put somewhere back in my wardrobe and to wear maybe next winter. As almost every single woman out there I woke up one day, open my wardrobe and my first thought were OMG I don't have nothing to wear and in this so 'crucial' moment the coat catches my eyes. And from there you will able to continue the story. 

On a recent trip to St.Albans in one  of those days when you really don't know what to wear during the weekend I decided to put the coat on and styled with one of my favourite mini denim skirts.  The weather really wasn't great to take hundred of pictures but I hope you like the idea of styling something so fluffy with something so minimalistic like denim. More about this skirt and my favourite boots and tights in one of next post until then 'jacket required'. 🙂