Let’s talk business

Here I am again in one superb exciting partnership with best partner in all fashion and business crime, Miss Rola Hammoud.  You may already know Rola from our' '' Arm in Arm'' post but this time I will share with you our rules  of having a business winning wardrobe without breaking a bank. Let's talk business.


So building a million pounds, dollars, euros or whatever currency you prefer wardrobe seems impossible to most of the us. Actually you have to follow a few very simple rules to do that: 

Rule number 1

Copy men's wardrobe in terms of colours and cut.  Yes, yes forget about that pinkie dress you saw on the rails a few hours ago. Male's know how to do the business and how to dress definitely for a success. Have you ever seen a cool business guy wearing a pink shirt on the million business meeting?! Never, ever.  So myself and Rola are introducing a brand new colour - navy blue. Remember well and don't afraid to wear with confidence next time on important last minute business date.

Colour palette sorted out. The very next thing that we need as a strong and powerful women to adopt from men's is their organisational skills. The truth, women are superb powerful, they can run a successful career, be a good mums at the same time and keep their homes tidy and clean, but  somehow they fail when it comes to planning.  So!

Rule number 2  Planning is everything

Guys know exactly what they have to do, how much it will cost to them and from where they cam cut  to have that extra  saving. We as women I am afraid are not good enough at that all. How many many times did you walk into supermarket with a list and didn't get any thing extra?:) Me, never, ever !

One thing that I highly appreciate in men's business world is the loyalty.  Most of the boys I know are extremely royal and they don't know what actually on the earth is ''jealousy''.  In the bottom of our long -distance friendship with Rola is the fact that we never, never, ever have had that 'jealousy thing''.  We always been there for each other, to share success and applause other's achievement.  So!

Rule number 3

Empowered women, empower others!

P. S

I am glad that I have had this opportunity after nearly 4 years to do this co-coordinated posts with my fashion diva! To celebrate our friendship and because there so many I believe lovely photos which I really would like to share with you I am working on one post featuring my beloved Rola that I prefer secret and even surprise Rola, herself.