Hello guys! It's almost 10.05 back home in Bulgaria, so I am superb excited to share my birthday gift from me to you all a bran new post from Marseille, France.  I would like with this post simply  to say ''thank you'' to each of you for stopping here, for watching all ''Stories'' and for appreciating quality before quantity . Thank you so much!  I love art and I breathe through fashion!

I am from those people who are loving their birthdays. To be here on this earth it's such a big privilege! I am not taking any moments, any friendships for granted!

We shoot this look in Old Town in Marseille, France and I couldn't recommended more to you if you're looking for something that doesn't fit ''inside the box''.   More about my trip to South France in the next a few posts. It's almost time for my birthday cake and make a wish!