From Paris back to London  and another superb great escape!As you may know I spent almost whole May travelling across France, England and Jersey UK. I used that time and all breathtaking views as a excuse to shoot some of my favourite looks. This one is combining three of the most important characteristics when it comes to weekend dressing - style,  comformt  and sexiness. 




Is there a girl in the whole entire world who doesn't want from time to time to be sexy?! One of the items that I consider as a ''sexy'' is definitely shorts.  That's maybe the most worn item by myself during the summer time. For a weekend gateways, I prefer the denim ones. I adore denim in a combination with a white top so simple but so chic at the same time.




Comfort is something I consider the most important when I am shopping, especially for clothes. Sorry but high heels will never fit in this row.  Shorts, Hunter boots, white shirt and black top. All you need to consider on your next stroll to shops. 




Style is something you  develop through the years.  My personal style changed a lot in recent years. I stop shopping like crazy things that I only ones maybe twice and start investings in items that I truly love. Oh, there is completely different stories when it comes to dresses. But for that next time. 

The place

Cliveden House is one of my most favourite places to spend a weekend away. It's located just  30 minutes away drive from Central London.  More about that in my next post.