Paris is one those cities for which I wish I have unlimitted ticket to! One of those cities for which I plan with a lot of care and love my wardrobe.  The French capital is so picturesque! There are no other city in the world where I can express better mysef rather than Paris! It's story of love said more with clothes rathen than with words and I would love to share with you!

Since I booked my Eurostar to Paris early in  May I started searching like a crazy for the perfect dress that will be glam enough  to wear in Paris but at the same time will allow me  me to do my mom's duties with a very little distraction as I was travelling with my 2.5 yearl old boy, Victor.  So I think I did it right! Once I saw online this dress I knew that is the one and only RELIGION !



It's one of those dresses that I call ''smart''- minimalistic style but defintely with a fashion twist which you can rewear over and over again! Exactly what a dress should be!

The backdrop!

Pont Alexander 3 it's one of those places in Paris which you fell in love with first steps on! It's so marvelous!!



Paris, je'taime!